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Sarah Geronimo


Sarah's first music lessons came from her father. Sarah Geronimo would have her practice everyday to develop her singing prowess. Sarah first sang on stage ...

Freddy Adu


His mother won the Green Card Lottery, and Freddy Adu and his family moved to Washington, D.C. He joined the IMG Soccer Academy, U.S. Soccer's full-time ...

Margot Kidder


The film made branded Margot as a major talent, and in the following years Margot Kidder starred in a string of critically acclaimed pictures, such ...

Laura Linney


Linney's film career began in the early 1990s with small roles in Lorenzo's Oil (1992) and Dave (1993). Laura Linney landed the role of Mary ...

Robert Plant


Robert Anthony Plant (born  August 20, 1948) is a rock singer. Robert Plant was one of the members of one of the most popular and ...

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Shoku Shoku
Biography of Shoku: 1177 - Zenne bo Shoku was born.          - Shoku was the son of the ordained follower Chikahide, the Vice-Governor of the province of Kaga, but was later adopted by Michichika Kuga, one of the highest Ministers of State.          - Founded Seizan sec.  1190 - Shoku paid a ...

Akio_Morita Akio Morita
Biography of Akio Morita: 1921 - Born on the 26th of January in Nagoya, Japan.1944 - Akio Morita graduated from Osaka Imperial University.1946 - On the 7th of May, Morita and Ibuka founded Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K. K with approximately 20 employees and initial capital of ¥190,000. Ibuka was 38 years old at the ...

Daisetz_Teitaro_Suzuki Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
Biography of Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki: Japanese Buddhist scholar and popularizer of Zen Buddhism ...

Shinichi_Suzuki Shinichi Suzuki
Biography of Shinichi Suzuki: 1898 - Shinichi Suzuki, born on the 17th of October in Nagoya, Japan. Shinichi Suzuki was the creator of the international Suzuki method of music education.1915 - At the age of 17 that Shinichi Suzuki finally taught himself how to play the violin after becoming inspired by a recording of ...

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