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Lindsay Lohan


Lohan rose to stardom with her leading roles in the films Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. ...

Toni Braxton


Toni Michelle Braxton Lewis was born October 7th, 1967 in  Severn, Maryland.  Toni Braxton is the oldest of six children. Toni Braxton began singing early ...

Tia Carrere


Following this initial success, Carrere relocated to Los Angeles and, after working several months as a model, landed a first ever role in the U.S. ...

Rob Halford


In his 20 years as Judas Priest's frontman, from 1972 until 1992, Rob Halford helped define heavy metal music and ultimately introduced the stud-leather image ...

Liv Tyler


A year was enough of the modeling grind, and Liv Tyler decided to become an actress. Liv Tyler was offered the part of Callie in ...

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Piet_Hein Piet Hein
Biography of Piet Hein: 1905 - Piet Hein was born in Denmark, a direct descendant of the 17th century Dutch naval hero1 often known by the same name.1924 - Piet Hein started studying at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Copenhagen (later to become the Niels Bohr Institute).         - While ...

Brigitte_Nielsen Brigitte Nielsen
Biography of Brigitte Nielsen: 1963 - Born on July 15th in Helsingør, Denmark. Sometimes called "The Great Dane", Brigitte Nielsen is a buxom Danish actress best known for her romantic entanglements, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Mark Gastineau. 1979 - By her teens, teachers, students, and strangers could not keep their eyes off ...

Poul_Nyrup_Rasmussen Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
Biography of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen: 1943 - Born in June 15th in Esberg, Denmark. 1961 - Poul Nyrup Rasmussen was the co-founder of the first Frit Forum association on Esbjerg Grammar School.1971 - Poul Nyrup Rasmussen received his Master of Science degree in Economics from University of Copenhagen.1980 - Became the Chief economist for The ...

Lars_von_Trier Lars von Trier
Biography of Lars von Trier: 1956 – A Danish director wasborn on the 30th day of April this year in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lars von Trier was raised by nudist communist parents. 1979 – Lars von Trier was enrolled in the Danish Film School. During his time as a student at the school Lars von Trier made ...

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