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Roger Daltrey


Roger Harry Daltrey was born in the Hammersmith area of London, but was raised in Acton, the same working class suburban neighbourhood that produced fellow ...

Mariah Carey


Following her separation from Mottola in 1997, Carey introduced elements of hip hop into her album work, to much initial success, but her popularity was ...

Nicole Kidman


It's a mark of Australia's cultural strength that they've provided so many of today's top-line cinematic greats. Aside from the obvious Mel Gibson and Cate ...



Madonna made her acting debut with the low-budget film A Certain Sacrifice (1979) and went on to star in the 1985 box office hit Desperately ...

Marisa Tomei


In 1996, Tomei made a guest appearance on the sitcom Seinfeld, playing herself in "The Cadillac, Part 1" and "2". Marisa Tomei has also made ...

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Jens_Stoltenberg Jens Stoltenberg
Biography of Jens Stoltenberg: 1959 -  Jens Stoltenberg, born on the 16th of March in Oslo, Norway. Jens Stoltenberg is a Norwegian economist, leader.1985 - 1989 - Jens Stoltenberg was the leader of the Workers' Youth League.1990 - 1991 - Jens Stoltenberg was junior minister (statssekretær) in the Department of the Environment.1990 - 1992 ...

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