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Sally Field


Sally Field is a two-time Academy Award-winner for her performances in Robert Benton's Places in the Heart (also capturing a Golden Globe) and Martin Ritt's ...

Rachelle Ann Go


She joined and won several contests. Her television debut on "Eat Bulaga!," a hit noon-time variety show, happened when Rachelle Ann Go was just eleven. ...

Rebecca Alie Romijn Stamos


Rebecca (in her own words): "I was a freshman at UC Santa Cruz, really poor, and restless to see the world. I used to sit ...

Sebastian Bach


In 1996, Bach formed a rock band called the Last Hard Men, with Frogs guitarist Jimmy Flemion, The Breeders lead guitarist Kelley Deal, and Smashing ...

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio


Leaving for New York, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio took part in "West Side Story" in 1981. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio also made it into movies, starring alongside ...

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Forouzan_Shafee Forouzan Shafee
Biography of Forouzan Shafee: Personal InformationName: forouzan Surname:shafee Date of Birth: 1970Place of Birth: Tehran  Academic Background: M.A degree in general painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome,1999, Italy. B.A degree in general painting, Azad university, 1993, Tehran, IRAN. ...

Vartan_Gregorian Vartan Gregorian
Biography of Vartan Gregorian: 1934 - Born on April 8th in Tabriz, Iran. Iranian-born educator and historian.1956 - Vartan Gregorian entered Stanford University, where Vartan Gregorian majored in history and the humanities, graduating with honors.1969 - Vartan Gregorian received the Danforth Foundation’s E.H. Harbison Distinguished Teaching Award. 1974 - Vartan Gregorian was founding dean ...

Mohammad_Reza_Pahlavi Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Biography of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi: Iranian ruler shah of Iran 1941-1979 son of Reza Shah Pahlavi ...

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