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Sam Cooke


His first pop single, "Lovable" (1956), was released under the alias of "Dale Cooke" in order to not alienate his fan base; there was a ...

Sebastian Bach


In 1996, Bach formed a rock band called the Last Hard Men, with Frogs guitarist Jimmy Flemion, The Breeders lead guitarist Kelley Deal, and Smashing ...

Sofia Vergara


Vergara moved to Bogotá at the age of 20, where Sofia Vergara worked as a model on the runway and on TV. From 1995 to ...

Queen Latifah


Latifah started her career beatboxing for the rap group Ladies Fresh.[3] Latifah was one of the members of the original version of the Flavor Unit, ...

Rene Russo


Born in 1954, Rene Russo grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Burbank, a Los Angeles suburb. Her father, a sculptor and ...

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Dushan_Simovic Dushan Simovic
Biography of Dushan Simovic: Yugoslavian general and politician prime minister of Yugoslavia 1941-1942 in exile in London 1941-1942 ...

Zoran_Zizic Zoran Zizic
Biography of Zoran Zizic: 1951 – Zoran Zizic was born in Montenegro.  2000 – Zoran Zizic became the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia on the 4th day of November this year, shortly after the fall of Slobodan Miloševi, Zoran Zizic served for only eight months.  2001 – Zoran Zizic resigned from the position on the ...

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