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Michelle Pfeiffer


Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history. [1995] Replaced Annette Bening as Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992). Does her own ...

Neve Campbell


Many film offers came her way but, as Neve Campbell was filming "Party of Five" (1994) for nine months of the year, the filming schedules ...

Matt LeBlanc


After graduating from high school, Matt LeBlanc spent some time as a photo model in Florida before moving to New York where Matt LeBlanc took ...

Monica Bellucci


Fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Daughter-in-law of Jean-Pierre Cassel. Made a nude calendar for the Italian magazine Max in 1998 and another one for the ...

Tara Reid


Reid began her career at the age of six in 1982 on the game show, Child's Play. As a child, Tara Reid had roles in ...

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Temujin Temujin
Biography of Temujin: Born in Hentiy, Mongolia. It was believed that Temujin was born around 1162 to 1167. 1189 - 1209 - Chief of the Qiyat clan. 1206 - Temujin founded the Mongol Empire.          - Temüjin organized his people and his state to prepare for war with Western Xia. 1209 - The Tangut emperor acknowledged ...

Qutugtu_Khan Qutugtu Khan
Biography of Qutugtu Khan: 1320 - Khutughtu Khan was born Küsala was the 12th grand-khan of the Mongol Empire. He was the eldest son of Khayishan Külüg Khan. 1311 - Dagi, Temüder and other members of the Khunggirad faction installed Ayurbarwada's son Shidibala instead of Kuœala because his mother came from the Ikires clan, not the ...

Tamerlane Tamerlane
Biography of Tamerlane: 1336 - Born in Transoxiana, near Kesh, situated some 50 miles south of Samarkand in modern Uzbekistan.1360 - Timur gained prominence as a military leader. Tamerlane took part in campaigns in Transoxania with the khan of Chagatai, a fellow descendant of Genghis Khan. 1382 - Timur supported Tokhtamysh against Russians ...

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