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Sandra Bullock


Bullock was born in Arlington County, Virginia, the daughter of Helga D. Meyer, a German opera singer, and John W. Bullock, a Pentagon contractor, executive ...

Mick Jagger


In 1971 The Rolling Stones came back with the album "Sticky Fingers" which would be the most popular album they ever made. From this album ...

Peggy Lee


After getting her big break as a singer with Benny Goodman's band, Peggy Lee went on to a career that mixed jazz and pop singing ...

Veronica Webb


The youngest of three daughters born to Doug, an electrician who died in 1993. As a youth Webb looked at magazines and admired the freedom ...

Van Morrison


Morrison has pursued an idiosyncratic musical path. Much of his music is tightly structured around the conventions of American soul and R&B, such as the ...

Famous Dominican people

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Oscar_de_la_Renta Oscar de la Renta
Biography of Oscar de la Renta: 1932 - Born on July 22nd in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A colorful and flirty fashion designer and Dominican Republic-born designer and owner Oscar de la Renta and partner Ben Shaw (now deceased) founded the company.1950 - Oscar de la Renta graduated from highschool in Escuela Normal.         - Oscar ...

Juan_Pablo_Duarte Juan Pablo Duarte
Biography of Juan Pablo Duarte: 1813 - Born on the 26th of January in Santo Domingo.1838 - On the 20th of April, the outrage and discontent of the inhabitants of the Spanish side of the island prompted European-educated Duarte and other patriots to establish a secret dissident society called La Trinitaria, shaped after the Carbonari, ...

Porfirio_Ariza_Rubirosa Porfirio Ariza Rubirosa
Biography of Porfirio Ariza Rubirosa: 1909 - Born on January 22nd in San Francisco De Macoris, Dominican Republic. Diplomat renown for his prowess as a ladies' man.1926 - Porfirio Ariza Rubirosa returned to the Dominican Republic to study law at the age of 17 but left school to start a military career.1929 - Porfirio Ariza ...

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