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Ronnie James Dio


Ronnie James Dio was born Ronald James Padovano, an only child to an Italian family. The family moved to Cortland, New York early in his ...

Susan Sarandon


In 1969, Sarandon went to a casting call for the motion-picture Joe with her then husband Chris Sarandon. Although Susan Sarandon did not get a ...

Mylene Farmer


In 1984, Farmer met Laurent Boutonnat, a young film student also enrolled in Cours Florent, when Mylene Farmer replied to a newspaper ad for an ...

Meat Loaf


In 1977, Meat Loaf and lyricist Jim Steinman released an operatic rock album called "Bat Out Of Hell", the record was huge and has sold ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar


Eating in a local restaurant, Sarah Michelle Gellar was discovered by an agent when Sarah Michelle Gellar was 4 years old. Soon after Sarah Michelle ...

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Arnold_Zweig Arnold Zweig
Biography of Arnold Zweig: 1881- Birth of an Australian writer of diverse talents and profound cultural insights- Viewed himself as a cosmopolitan mediator among nations- Arnold Zweig is best known for his biographical accounts of great personalities, based on psychological analysis and investigations into the creative process1925 - 1935 - These include Three Masters: ...

Kenneth_Slessor Kenneth Slessor
Biography of Kenneth Slessor: 1901 - Born in Orange, New South Wales on the 27th of March.         - Kenneth Slessor made his living as a newspaper journalist, mostly for the Sydney Sun, and was a war correspondent during World War II.          - Kenneth Slessor counted Hugh McCrae and Jack Lindsay among ...

Stephen_Robert_Irwin Stephen Robert Irwin
Biography of Stephen Robert Irwin: 1962 - Stephen Robert "Steve" Irwin, born on the 22nd of February in Essendon in Victoria, Australia. Part wildlife expert and part entertainer, Stephen Robert Irwin became world famous for his television series, The Crocodile Hunter, and other nature programs.  1979 - Stephen Robert Irwin graduated from Caloundra State High ...

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