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Marisa Tomei


In 1996, Tomei made a guest appearance on the sitcom Seinfeld, playing herself in "The Cadillac, Part 1" and "2". Marisa Tomei has also made ...

Luther Vandross


His next recording credit was on an album by Roberta Flack in 1972. Luther Vandross was the founder of the first ever Patti LaBelle fan ...

Nancy Travis


During the 1990s, Travis starred in several films, including the police drama Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and the Mike Myers comedy So I Married ...

Sandra Bullock


Bullock was born in Arlington County, Virginia, the daughter of Helga D. Meyer, a German opera singer, and John W. Bullock, a Pentagon contractor, executive ...



Madonna made her acting debut with the low-budget film A Certain Sacrifice (1979) and went on to star in the 1985 box office hit Desperately ...

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Boris_Godunov Boris Godunov
Biography of Boris Godunov: 1551 - Boris Feodorovich Godunov was born this year. Boris Godunov is a Russian politician and ruler.1570 - Boris Godunov is mentioned as taking part in the Serpeisk campaign as one of the archers of the guard. 1571 - Boris Godunov strengthened his position at court by his marriage to ...

Alexei_Petrovich Alexei Petrovich
Biography of Alexei Petrovich: 1690 - Alexei was born in Moscow, Russia on the 28th of February. 1696-1699 - Educated by Vyazemsky, a private tutor. 1703 - Alexei Petrovich was ordered to follow the army to the field as a private in a bombardier regiment. 1704 - Alexei Petrovich was in the army that captured Narva. 1708 - ...

Alexei_Mikhailovich Alexei Mikhailovich
Biography of Alexei Mikhailovich: 1929 - Alexei I was born in Moscow, Russia on the 9th of March. 1645 - After his father's death, Alexei I succeeded the throne on the 13th of July. Alexei Mikhailovich was under the care of the boyar Boris Morozov. 1648 - Married Maria Miloslavskaya on the 17th of January. In ...

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