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Otis Redding


Legendary soul singer whose death at age 26 ended a career just as it was about to blossom. In 1962, Redding, a former choir member, ...

Patti LaBelle


Two years passed until the girls auditioned for Blue Note Records. The president at the time nearly passed on the group upon hearing the lead ...



From his early material, rooted in R&B, soul and funk, Prince has expanded his musical palette throughout his career, absorbing many other genres including New ...

Mylene Farmer


In 1984, Farmer met Laurent Boutonnat, a young film student also enrolled in Cours Florent, when Mylene Farmer replied to a newspaper ad for an ...

Luciano Pavarotti


Popular stardom came at the 1990 World Cup in Italy with the performances of Nessun Dorma,sample (help·info) from Turandot and as one of The Three ...

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J_Keirn_Brennan J Keirn Brennan
Biography of J Keirn Brennan: 1873 - Born on November 24th in San Francisco, California. American songwriter.1912 - J Keirn Brennan co-wrote the song "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling". 1914 - J Keirn Brennan joined ASCAP as a charter member, his musical collaborators included Ernest Ball, Rudolf Friml, Billy Hill, Karl Hajos, Harry Akst, Walter ...

Jerrold_Lewis_Bock Jerrold Lewis Bock
Biography of Jerrold Lewis Bock: 1928 - Born in New Haven, Connecticut on the 23rd of November and raised in Flushing, New York. US songwriter and writer of musicals.        - Jerrold Lewis Bock attended the University of Wisconsin, where Jerrold Lewis Bock wrote the musical Big As Life.1955 - His Broadway debut when Jerrold Lewis ...

Karlis_Baumanis Karlis Baumanis
Biography of Karlis Baumanis: 1835 - Karlis Baumanis was born 11th of May in Wilkenhof. 1870 -  Created the Letti national anthem "God segne Latvia".  First lettische composer, who dared it to use in a song the word "Latvija" (Latvia) so that this had to be replaced by the more harmless term "Baltija" (the Baltic). Worked ...

James_Barr James Barr
Biography of James Barr: 1779 - Born in Tarbolton in South Ayrshire.1895 - "Waltzing Matilda" was created in the sitting room of Dagworth Station in January with the help of a young solicitor and poet, "Banjo" Paterson.1805 - Tannahill wrote the words. 1818 - Barr set them to music, possibly based on the melody ...

Marshall_L_Barer Marshall L Barer
Biography of Marshall L Barer: 1923 - Born on the 19th of February in Astoria, New York.1956 - Marshall L Barer was a staff lyricist and later an editor for Golden Records. Marshall L Barer wrote the stage scores for "New Faces of 1956", "Once Upon a Mattress", and "The Mad Show".       - Joining ASCAP, ...

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