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Sharon Stone


Sharon Stone was born and raised in Meadville, a small town in Pennsylvania. Her strict father was a factory worker and her mother was a ...

Freddy Adu


His mother won the Green Card Lottery, and Freddy Adu and his family moved to Washington, D.C. He joined the IMG Soccer Academy, U.S. Soccer's full-time ...

Meg Ryan


Ryan then starred in The Doors, and Prelude to a Kiss. Both films were moderately successful. 1993 saw the release of the hugely successful romantic ...

Otis Redding


Legendary soul singer whose death at age 26 ended a career just as it was about to blossom. In 1962, Redding, a former choir member, ...

Valeria Golino


The second child of an Italian germanist and a Greek painter. Golino obtained her first starring role in 1985's Little Fires and won the Best Actress ...

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Catherine_of_Siena Catherine of Siena
Biography of Catherine of Siena: 1347 - Born on March 25th in Siena, Tuscany. Dominican tertiary, mystic, and patron saint of Italy who played a major role in returning the papacy from Avignon to Rome.1363 - Catherine became a tertiary (a member of a monastic third order who takes simple vows and may remain outside ...

Catherine_of_Ricci Catherine of Ricci
Biography of Catherine of Ricci: 1522 - Catherine of Ricci was born in Florence on the 23rd of April.         - Catherine of Ricci was a very prayerful person from a very young age.         - Catherine of Ricci developed into an effective and greatly admired administrator.         - Catherine of Ricci was an advisor ...

Catherine_of_Bologna Catherine of Bologna
Biography of Catherine of Bologna: 1413 - Catherine of Bologna was born on the 8th of September. 1431 - Together with other young women of Ferrara, Catherine of Bologna founded a Monastery of the Order of Poor Clares. 1456 - Catherine of Bologna returned to Bologna, when her Superiors and the Governors of Bologna requested ...

Brigid Brigid
Biography of Brigid: 453 AD - Mary of the Gael - is second only to St Patrick in the esteem of the Irish people. Brigid is of course, specially associated with Kildare and the whole area of Magh Life (The Liffey Plain). Confirmed historical facts about St. Brigid (Brigit, Bride/Bree, Bridget, Ffraid) are ...

Anselm Anselm
Biography of Anselm: 1033 – Anselm was born this year in Aosta, Burgundy. At the age of fifteen, Anselm desired to enter a monastery, but Anselm could not obtain his father's consent. Disappointment brought on an apparent psychosomatic illness, and after Anselm recovered, Anselm seems to have given up his studies for a ...

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