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Phil Collins


Collins sang the lead vocals on eight American chart-toppers between 1984 and 1989; seven as a solo artist and one with Genesis. His singles, often ...

Neve Campbell


Many film offers came her way but, as Neve Campbell was filming "Party of Five" (1994) for nine months of the year, the filming schedules ...

Robert Plant


Robert Anthony Plant (born  August 20, 1948) is a rock singer. Robert Plant was one of the members of one of the most popular and ...

Natalie Portman


Although the movie was a huge hit, it caused her family some problems due to her Lolita-esque role. Natalie Portman then landed supporting roles in ...

Winona Ryder


Ryder is known for her relationship with actor Johnny Depp throughout the early 1990s. Winona Ryder also received noteworthy media attention for her participation in ...

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Doris_Alexander_Brown Doris Alexander Brown
Biography of Doris Alexander Brown: US author wrote "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" 1970 ...

Irving_Anker Irving Anker
Biography of Irving Anker: US educator chancellor of New York City public schools 1973-1978 ...

Jenna_Welch_Bush Jenna Welch Bush
Biography of Jenna Welch Bush: 1981 - Born on November 25th in Dallas, Texas. American daughter of George W. Bush and Laura Bush.         - Younger twin sister of Barbara Bush. Jenna Welch Bush was delivered second.2000-2004 - Attended the University of Texas at Austin graduating with a BA in English.         - Jenna Welch ...

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