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Naomi Campbell


Aged 15 and while still a student at the Italia Conti Academy, Campbell was spotted by Beth Boldt, a former Ford model and head of ...

Mick Jagger


In 1971 The Rolling Stones came back with the album "Sticky Fingers" which would be the most popular album they ever made. From this album ...

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio


Leaving for New York, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio took part in "West Side Story" in 1981. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio also made it into movies, starring alongside ...

Scarlett Johansson


Johansson was born in New York City. Her father, Karsten Johansson, is a Danish-born architect, and her paternal grandfather, Ejner Johansson, was a screenwriter and ...

Neve Campbell


Many film offers came her way but, as Neve Campbell was filming "Party of Five" (1994) for nine months of the year, the filming schedules ...

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Charles_Farrar_Browne Charles Farrar Browne
Biography of Charles Farrar Browne: 1834 - Browne was born in Waterford, Maine on the 23rd of April.1858 - Charles Farrar Browne published in the Cleveland Plaindealer the first of the "Artemus Ward" series, which in a collected form achieved great popularity in both America and England.1860 - Charles Farrar Browne became editor of Vanity ...

Edward_Digby_Baltzell Edward Digby Baltzell
Biography of Edward Digby Baltzell: 1915 - Edward Digby Baltzell was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Attended St. Paul's School, an Episcopalian boarding school in New Hampshire. Earned his doctorate degree from Columbia University. 1947 - Appointed to the faculty of Sociology at Penn.  Baltzell was Emeritus Professor of History and Sociology. 1958 - Authored books Philadelphia Gentlemen, The ...

Karl_Ernst_von_Baer Karl Ernst von Baer
Biography of Karl Ernst von Baer: 1792 - Born on the 17th of February in Piep Estonia. 1810 - Karl Ernst von Baer starts his medical studies at the University of Dorpat in Estonia. 1814 - Finished his medical studies and continues his studying at Vienna and Karl Ernst von Baer studied comparative anatomy at the University of ...

John_Stothoff_Badeau John Stothoff Badeau
Biography of John Stothoff Badeau: 1903 - John Stothoff Badeau Educator and diplomat, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. 1928 - Became a minister of the Reformed Church of America. 1928-1935 - Worked as a civil and sanitary engineering missionary work in Iraq. 1936-1938 - Professor of religion of the American University of Cairo. 1938-1944 - John Stothoff Badeau ...

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