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Teri Garr


Teri Garr can claim a career in show business by birthright. Teri Garr was the daughter of Eddie Garr, a Broadway stage and film actor, ...

Meryl Streep


A perfectionist in her craft and meticulous and painstaking in her preparation for her roles, Meryl turned out a string of highly acclaimed performances over ...

Marisa Tomei


In 1996, Tomei made a guest appearance on the sitcom Seinfeld, playing herself in "The Cadillac, Part 1" and "2". Marisa Tomei has also made ...

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio


Leaving for New York, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio took part in "West Side Story" in 1981. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio also made it into movies, starring alongside ...

Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson has become one of the most recognized faces in the world. Pamela Anderson played the role of C.J. Parker, a lifeguard on the ...

Famous Producers

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Steven_Ronald_Bochco Steven Ronald Bochco
Biography of Steven Ronald Bochco: 1943 - Born on the 16th of December in New York City into a Serbian family. US television producer and screenwriter.       - Steven Ronald Bochco was educated in Manhattan at the high school of Music and Art.1961 - Enrolled at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh to study playwriting ...

Jack_Barry Jack Barry
Biography of Jack Barry: American television game show host and producer 1918 - Jack Barry was born 20th of March in Lindenhurst, New York. 1940 - Barry began on radio, where Jack Barry met his partner Dan Enright. 1956 - Hosted the Twenty One, which was sponsored by Geritol, and Tic Tac Dough. 1958-1973 - Producer of game ...

Lewis_M_Allen Lewis M Allen
Biography of Lewis M Allen: 1922 - Allen was born in Berryville, Virginia on June 27, 1922. 1942 - Attended and graduated at the University of Virginia. 1944 - Directed the movie entitled The Uninvited. 1954 - Directed the movie entitled Suddenly. 1955 - Married Jay Presson Allen on March 12, 1955. 1961 - Produced the movie entitled The Connection. 1987 ...

Maurice_Adler Maurice Adler
Biography of Maurice Adler: 1909 - Born on the 22nd of June in New York City, New York.1940 - Maurice Adler married actress Anita Louise Fremault with whom Maurice Adler had two children.1954 - His production of "From Here to Eternity" won the Academy Award for Best Picture.1956 - His movie "Love Is a ...

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