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Laura Dern


The first success for the young Dern came in 1980, with a role in Adrian Lyne's Foxes (1980), a teen movie starring Jodie Foster. Laura ...

Sally Field


Sally Field is a two-time Academy Award-winner for her performances in Robert Benton's Places in the Heart (also capturing a Golden Globe) and Martin Ritt's ...

Rene Russo


Born in 1954, Rene Russo grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Burbank, a Los Angeles suburb. Her father, a sculptor and ...

Linda Hamilton


While Hamilton was attending Washington College, the acting professor told her that Linda Hamilton had no hope of earning a living as an actress. After her ...

Layne Staley


During the band's appearance on MTV Unplugged, Staley was visibly weak and emaciated and had problems singing at times, including stopping songs due to forgetting ...

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Baba_Amte Baba Amte
Biography of Baba Amte: Indian humanitarian and lawyer Templeton Prize 1990 ...

Berenice_II_of_Cyrene Berenice II of Cyrene
Biography of Berenice II of Cyrene: 267 BC - Berenice II was born.249 BC - Berenice II of Cyrene was married to Demetrius the Fair a Macedonian prince.         - Berenice II of Cyrene dedicated her hair to Venus for his safe return, and placed it in the temple of the goddess at Zephyrium.221 BC - ...

Princess_Aiko Princess Aiko
Biography of Princess Aiko: 2001 - Born on the 1st of December in Tokyo, Japan. 2005 - Princess Aiko began her education at the National Children's Castle in Tokyo.        - Princess Aiko enjoyed doing pottery, rhythmic gymnastics, and gardening inside the Togu Palace with Princess Masako. 2006 - Princess Aiko began her formal ...

Alice_Christabel_Montagu_Douglas_Scott Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott
Biography of Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott: 1901 - Lady Alice was born in Montagu House, London on December 25, 1901. 1921 - Attended Saint James Boarding School. 1935 - Married Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester on November 6, 1935. 1939 - Lady Alice worked with the Red Cross and the Order of St. John.  1940 - Became head of ...

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