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Paul McCartney


He was born James Paul McCartney on June 18, 1942, in Liverpool General Hospital, where his mother, Mary, was a medical nurse and midwife. His ...

Sheryn Regis


Aside from singing, Regis tried teaching voice lessons to children while in high school. In her college years, Sheryn was able to finish her B.S. ...

Snoop Dogg


His mother nicknamed him "Snoopy" as a child because of the way Snoop Dogg dressed and because of his love of the cartoon Peanuts; Snoop ...

Milla Jovovich


Jovovich began modeling at eleven, when Richard Avedon featured her in Revlon's "Most Unforgettable Women in the World" advertisements, and Milla Jovovich continued her career ...

Meg Ryan


Ryan then starred in The Doors, and Prelude to a Kiss. Both films were moderately successful. 1993 saw the release of the hugely successful romantic ...

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Bart_Conner Bart Conner
Biography of Bart Conner: US gymnast won gold medal in Olympic men's parallel bars 1984 co-won gold medal in Olympic men's gymnastics team competition 1984 husband of Nadia Comaneci 1996 ...

Andre_Gustave_Citroen Andre Gustave Citroen
Biography of Andre Gustave Citroen: French automotive engineer and manufacturer founder and eponym of SA Andre Citroen ...

James_Henry_Beard James Henry Beard
Biography of James Henry Beard: 1811 - James Henry Beard was born in Buffalo, New York. American portrait painter.1822 - At the age of eleven moved with his family to Painesville, Ohio.         - Beard taught himself how to paint and worked for a number of years as an itinerant portrait painter in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, ...

George_Augustus_Baker George Augustus Baker
Biography of George Augustus Baker: 1821 - Born in New York City. American portrait painter.         - His portraits are characterized by a wonderful richness of coloring and a life-like rendering of flesh-tints.1844 - George Augustus Baker went to Europe and spent two years in study. Returning to New York, George Augustus Baker opened a ...

Friedrich_von_Amerling Friedrich von Amerling
Biography of Friedrich von Amerling: 1803 - Friedrich von Amerling was born in Vienna.1935-1880 - Friedrich von Amerling was court painter.         - His style is similar to that of Ingres.1887 - Friedrich von Amerling died. ...

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