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Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson has become one of the most recognized faces in the world. Pamela Anderson played the role of C.J. Parker, a lifeguard on the ...

Meat Loaf


In 1977, Meat Loaf and lyricist Jim Steinman released an operatic rock album called "Bat Out Of Hell", the record was huge and has sold ...

Monica Bellucci


Fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Daughter-in-law of Jean-Pierre Cassel. Made a nude calendar for the Italian magazine Max in 1998 and another one for the ...

Michelle Pfeiffer


Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history. [1995] Replaced Annette Bening as Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992). Does her own ...

Neve Campbell


Many film offers came her way but, as Neve Campbell was filming "Party of Five" (1994) for nine months of the year, the filming schedules ...

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George_Pierce_Baker George Pierce Baker
Biography of George Pierce Baker: US educator and transportation administrator director of Office of Transport and Communications Policy 1945-1946 president of Transportation Association of America 1954-1962 chairman of Transportation Association of America 1962-1968 dean of Harvard Business School 1962-1969 ...

John_Jacob_Astor John Jacob Astor
Biography of John Jacob Astor: US real estate businessman and inventor founded Astoria Hotel in New York City 1897 died in sinking of Titanic grandson of William Backhouse Astor ...

Ella_Reeve_Bloor Ella Reeve Bloor
Biography of Ella Reeve Bloor: 1862 - Ella Reeve Bloor was born on Staten Island, on the 8th of July. American political organizer and writer who was active as an American socialist and communist, both as a candidate for public office and in labour actions in several industries.1881 - Married Lucian Ware when Ella Reeve ...

Louis_Auguste_Blanqui Louis Auguste Blanqui
Biography of Louis Auguste Blanqui: 1805 - Born on the 8th of February in Puget-Théniers, Alpes-Maritimes, where his father, Jean Dominique Blanqui, was subprefect.       - Louis Auguste Blanqui studied both law and medicine, but found his real vocation in politics, and quickly became a champion of the most advanced opinions.1824 - A member of the ...

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