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Tara Reid


Reid began her career at the age of six in 1982 on the game show, Child's Play. As a child, Tara Reid had roles in ...

Nancy Travis


During the 1990s, Travis starred in several films, including the police drama Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and the Mike Myers comedy So I Married ...

Madeleine Stowe


She went to University of Southern California and studied cinema and journalism before taking up acting at Beverly Hills' Solaris Theater. Madeleine Stowe made a ...

Michelle Pfeiffer


Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history. [1995] Replaced Annette Bening as Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992). Does her own ...

Otis Redding


Legendary soul singer whose death at age 26 ended a career just as it was about to blossom. In 1962, Redding, a former choir member, ...

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Aeschylus Aeschylus
Biography of Aeschylus: 525 - Aeschylus was born in Eleusis. 498 - Able to write his first play. 490 - Took part in the Battle of Marathon. 480 - Fought at the Battle of Salamis which become the subject of his play "The Persians". 472 - Written the play "The Persians". 467 - Written the play "Seven Against ...

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