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Michael Jackson


Michael began his musical career at the age of 5 as the lead singer of the Jackson 5 who formed in 1964. In these early ...

Rachel Weisz


Rachel was a model when Rachel Weisz was 14 and began acting during her studies at Cambridge University. While there, Rachel Weisz formed a theater ...

Snoop Dogg


His mother nicknamed him "Snoopy" as a child because of the way Snoop Dogg dressed and because of his love of the cartoon Peanuts; Snoop ...



From his early material, rooted in R&B, soul and funk, Prince has expanded his musical palette throughout his career, absorbing many other genres including New ...

Madeleine Stowe


She went to University of Southern California and studied cinema and journalism before taking up acting at Beverly Hills' Solaris Theater. Madeleine Stowe made a ...

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Angelyne Angelyne
Biography of Angelyne: 1958 - Angyline or Angelyne, born in United States. Angelyne is a model and sometime actress who has become an icon of Hollywood and Los Angeles best known for purchasing billboards advertising herself.2002 - Angelyne was also a candidate for Hollywood city council in 02' if it were to secede ...

Alessandra_Corine_Ambrsio Alessandra Corine Ambrsio
Biography of Alessandra Corine Ambrsio: 1981 - Born on April 11th in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Brazilian supermodel. 1992 - Underwent cosmetic surgery and had her ears pinned back at the age of 11. 1996 - Joined the Elite Look of the Year competition.          - Appeared in advertisements of Revlon, Giorgio ...

Michelle_Alves Michelle Alves
Biography of Michelle Alves: 1978 - Born in Londrina, Brazil; birth of the extra-skinny Brazilian model for Victoria's Secret 1990s-2000 - appeared internationally on the covers of Vogue and Marie Claire and others  2003 - was featured in the televised Victoria's Secret fashion show   ...

Carol_Alt Carol Alt
Biography of Carol Alt: 1960 - Carol Alt was born in East Williston, Long Island, New York on the 1st of December. 1980 - Carol Alt was featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine which made her first big break in modeling. 1982 - Carol Alt gained real fame when Carol Alt was featured on ...

Azra_Akin Azra Akin
Biography of Azra Akin: 1981 - Born on the 8th of December in the Dutch town of Almelo, Netherlands.  1998 - Azra Akin was selected Elite Model Look of Turkey at the age of 17.  2002 - Azra Akin was crowned Miss World 2002 at the annual pageant held on the 7th of December ...

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