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Michelle Pfeiffer


Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history. [1995] Replaced Annette Bening as Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992). Does her own ...

Mick Jagger


In 1971 The Rolling Stones came back with the album "Sticky Fingers" which would be the most popular album they ever made. From this album ...

Uma Thurman


Uma Karuna Thurman, daughter of Robert Thurman and Nena Thurman, was born in Boston, Massachuseets, on April 29, 1970. Uma grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts, ...



Usher Raymond IV began singing when Usher was six years old. Usher was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the son of Jonetta Patton (née O'Neal) and Usher ...

Reese Witherspoon


Witherspoon landed her first feature role as the female lead in the movie The Man in the Moon in 1991; later that year Reese Witherspoon ...

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Charles_Frederick_Chandler Charles Frederick Chandler
Biography of Charles Frederick Chandler: US chemist and public health administrator ...

Peter_Carey Peter Carey
Biography of Peter Carey: Australian novelist and short story author wrote short story collections "The Fat Man in History" 1974, "War Crimes" 1979, "The Fat Man in History, and Other Stories" 1980 (also "Exotic Pleasures"), novels "Bliss" 1981, "Illywhacker" 1985, "Oscar and Lucinda" 1988 (Booker Prize 1988), "True History of the Kelly Gang" 2001 (Booker ...

Hermann_Broch Hermann Broch
Biography of Hermann Broch: Austrian author in US wrote trilogy "The Sleepwalkers" 1931-1932 (also "Die Schlafwandler"), novels "The Death of Virgil" 1945 (also "Der Tod des Virgil"), "The Bewitchment" 1953 (also "Der Versucher") ...

Henry_Briggs Henry Briggs
Biography of Henry Briggs: English mathematician developed long division popularized and studied common (base 10) logarithms ...

Luigi_Bartolini Luigi Bartolini
Biography of Luigi Bartolini: Italian author wrote novel "The Bicycle Thief" (source of movie "The Bicycle Thief" 1948) ...

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