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Sigourney Weaver


Although Weaver has played a number of critically acclaimed roles in movies like Gorillas in the Mist, The Ice Storm, Dave, and The Year of ...

Luther Vandross


His next recording credit was on an album by Roberta Flack in 1972. Luther Vandross was the founder of the first ever Patti LaBelle fan ...

Sofia Vergara


Vergara moved to Bogotá at the age of 20, where Sofia Vergara worked as a model on the runway and on TV. From 1995 to ...

Paul McCartney


He was born James Paul McCartney on June 18, 1942, in Liverpool General Hospital, where his mother, Mary, was a medical nurse and midwife. His ...

Margot Kidder


The film made branded Margot as a major talent, and in the following years Margot Kidder starred in a string of critically acclaimed pictures, such ...

Famous Hockey Player

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Wendell_Richard_Anderson Wendell Richard Anderson
Biography of Wendell Richard Anderson: 1933 - Born on February 1st in Saint Paul, Minnesota. American Olympic hockey player and Senator from Minnesota.1956 - Served in the United States Army as an infantry officer.         - Wendell Richard Anderson represented the United States Olympic Games (hockey) at Cortina, Italy.1959 - Was a member of the ...

John_James_Adams John James Adams
Biography of John James Adams: 1895 - Adams was born in Fort William, Ontario. 1914 - Started his career with the Fort William Maple Leafs of the NMHL. 1916 - Joined the Peterborough 247th of the OIHA and the Sarnia Sailors. 1917 - Became a professional hockey player upon joinig the Toronto Arenas of the NHL. 1922 - Joined ...

Sidney_Gerald_Abel Sidney Gerald Abel
Biography of Sidney Gerald Abel: 1918 - Sidney Gerald Abel was Born on the 22nd of February in Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada.1938 - His playing career started, playing with Detroit Red Wings.1952-  Sidney Gerald Abel was traded from the Red Wings to the Blackhawks and served as a player-coach for the next               two seasons.1953 - ...

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