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Tia Carrere


Following this initial success, Carrere relocated to Los Angeles and, after working several months as a model, landed a first ever role in the U.S. ...

Paulina Porizkova


The Porizkova family was reunited after 7 years, albeit not for long, as Paulina's parents got divorced. Since Paulina's mother was busy supporting her children ...

Susan Sarandon


In 1969, Sarandon went to a casting call for the motion-picture Joe with her then husband Chris Sarandon. Although Susan Sarandon did not get a ...

Steven Tyler


Tyler is known for his raw, sharp-edged vocals and is musically versatile, playing a wide range of instruments, including the harmonica, keyboards, and several percussion ...

Liv Tyler


A year was enough of the modeling grind, and Liv Tyler decided to become an actress. Liv Tyler was offered the part of Callie in ...

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David_Thomas_Ansted David Thomas Ansted
Biography of David Thomas Ansted: 1814 - Born in London on the 5th of February. 1839 - David Thomas Ansted was educated at Jesus College, Cambridge, and after taking his degree of M.A.1840 - David Thomas Ansted was elected professor of geology in King's College, London.1844 - David Thomas Ansted became a fellow of the ...

Jean_Louis_Rodolphe_Agassiz Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz
Biography of Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz: 1807 - May 28, born in Môtier in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. 1827 - 1830 - Attended the University of Munich. Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Erlangenin 1829 and recieved his medical degree from the University of Erlangen in 1830. 1831 - November, Jean ...

Frank_Adams Frank Adams
Biography of Frank Adams: 1889 - Frank Adams became a professor at McGill University, Canada. 1892 - Frank Adams became the Logan Professor of Geology. He served as the Dean for the Faculty of Applied Science and then as Vice-Principal to the University. 1896 - Frank Adams was noted for several academic achievements during his career, first ...

Otto_Hermann_Wilhelm_Abich Otto Hermann Wilhelm Abich
Biography of Otto Hermann Wilhelm Abich: 1806 - Born on the 11th of December at Berlin, Germany.1842 - Otto Hermann Wilhelm Abich was appointed professor of mineralogy in the university of Dorpat (Tartu),          and gave attention to the geology and mineralogy of Russia.       - Otto Hermann Wilhelm Abich investigated the geology of the Caucasus when residing ...

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