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Tyra Banks


Has an older brother named Devin. CEO of her own company TYInc. Dated John Singleton. Named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by people ...

Sandra Bullock


Bullock was born in Arlington County, Virginia, the daughter of Helga D. Meyer, a German opera singer, and John W. Bullock, a Pentagon contractor, executive ...

Sarah Brightman


Sarah Brightman was born near London, England in 1960. Sarah Brightman was a workaholic from an early age, never wasting a minute of free time. ...

Rachel Weisz


Rachel was a model when Rachel Weisz was 14 and began acting during her studies at Cambridge University. While there, Rachel Weisz formed a theater ...

Monica Bellucci


Fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Daughter-in-law of Jean-Pierre Cassel. Made a nude calendar for the Italian magazine Max in 1998 and another one for the ...

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Nirad_Chandra_Chaudhuri Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri
Biography of Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri: Indian (Bangladeshi-born) author wrote "The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian" 1951 ...

Alphonse_Chapanis Alphonse Chapanis
Biography of Alphonse Chapanis: US ergonomist ...

Richard_Edwin_Brooks Richard Edwin Brooks
Biography of Richard Edwin Brooks: US sculptor ...

Arthur_Adamov Arthur Adamov
Biography of Arthur Adamov: 1908 - Born on the 23rd of August Kislovodsk in Russia.1917 - Arthur Adamov belongs to a wealthy Armenian family, which, however, soon lost its money.1924 - Arthur Adamov was brought up with French as his first language and Arthur Adamov moved to Paris.1947 - Arthur Adamov began to write ...

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