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Valeria Golino


The second child of an Italian germanist and a Greek painter. Golino obtained her first starring role in 1985's Little Fires and won the Best Actress ...

Lucy Liu


Liu first appeared on the big screen as an ex-girlfriend in Jerry Maguire (1996) (she had previously filmed a scene in the indie Bang (1995), ...

Marisa Tomei


In 1996, Tomei made a guest appearance on the sitcom Seinfeld, playing herself in "The Cadillac, Part 1" and "2". Marisa Tomei has also made ...

Meat Loaf


In 1977, Meat Loaf and lyricist Jim Steinman released an operatic rock album called "Bat Out Of Hell", the record was huge and has sold ...

Shirley Bassey


Throughout the 1960s, Bassey had numerous hits on the British charts. Her recording of "As Long As Shirley Bassey Needs Me" from Lionel Bart's Oliver! ...

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Edward_Goodrich_Acheson Edward Goodrich Acheson
Biography of Edward Goodrich Acheson: 1856 - Edward Goodrich Acheson was born on the 9th of March  in Washington, Pennsylvania.1880 - Thomas Edison put him to work on the 12th of September at his Menlo Park,            New Jersey laboratory under John Kruesi.1884 - Edward Goodrich Acheson left Edison and became supervisor at a ...

Sir_Frederick_Augustus_Abel Sir Frederick Augustus Abel
Biography of Sir Frederick Augustus Abel: 1827 - Born on the 17th of July in London.1851 - Sir Frederick Augustus Abel studied chemistry for six years under A.W. Von Hofmann at the Royal College of Chemistry, then              became professor of chemistry at the Royal Military Academy.1854 - Sir Frederick Augustus Abel was appointed chemist to ...

Richard_Wilhelm_Heinrich_Abegg Richard Wilhelm Heinrich Abegg
Biography of Richard Wilhelm Heinrich Abegg: 1869 - Born on the 9th of January at Danzig, Germany.1891 - Richard Wilhelm Heinrich Abegg received his PhD on the 19th of July under Hofmann at the University of Berlin.         - Richard Wilhelm Heinrich Abegg discovered the theory of freezing point depression and anticipated Lewis' octet rule.1899 - Richard ...

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