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Sasha Azevedo


Originally from San Diego California, this southern beauty grew up in Charleston SC, where Sasha Azevedo enrolled in modeling school at a tender age, graduated, ...

Nat King Cole


Nat Cole and three other musicians formed the "King Cole Swingers" in Long Beach and played in a number of local bars before getting a ...

Queen Latifah


Latifah started her career beatboxing for the rap group Ladies Fresh.[3] Latifah was one of the members of the original version of the Flavor Unit, ...

Sarah Brightman


Sarah Brightman was born near London, England in 1960. Sarah Brightman was a workaholic from an early age, never wasting a minute of free time. ...

Sam Cooke


His first pop single, "Lovable" (1956), was released under the alias of "Dale Cooke" in order to not alienate his fan base; there was a ...

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Theobald_Theodor_von_Bethmann_Hollweg Theobald Theodor von Bethmann Hollweg
Biography of Theobald Theodor von Bethmann Hollweg: 1856 - Born on the 29th of November in Hohenfinow, Prussia now Germany. German imperial chancellor before and during World War I who possessed talents for administration but not for governing.1905 - Theobald Theodor von Bethmann Hollweg was appointed Prussian minister of the interior.1907 - Theobald Theodor von Bethmann Hollweg ...

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