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Shirley Bassey


Throughout the 1960s, Bassey had numerous hits on the British charts. Her recording of "As Long As Shirley Bassey Needs Me" from Lionel Bart's Oliver! ...

Laura Dern


The first success for the young Dern came in 1980, with a role in Adrian Lyne's Foxes (1980), a teen movie starring Jodie Foster. Laura ...

Tia Carrere


Following this initial success, Carrere relocated to Los Angeles and, after working several months as a model, landed a first ever role in the U.S. ...

Whoopi Goldberg


She is one of only thirteen people who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award, including Daytime Emmy Awards. Whoopi ...

Valeria Golino


The second child of an Italian germanist and a Greek painter. Golino obtained her first starring role in 1985's Little Fires and won the Best Actress ...

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Edward_Paul_Abbey Edward Paul Abbey
Biography of Edward Paul Abbey: 1927 - Born on the 29th of January in Indiana, Pennsylvania.1944 - Edward Paul Abbey received a Master's Degree in philosophy from the University of New Mexico and also studied at               the University of Edinburgh,Scotland.1950 - Edward Paul Abbey worked as as seasonal ranger for the United States Park ...

Hans_Aanrud Hans Aanrud
Biography of Hans Aanrud: 1863 - Born on September 3rd in Auggedalen, a valley in Gausdal, close to Gudbrandsdal.1895 - Hans Aanrud wrote the well-known comedy, Storken (The Stork).         - Hans Aanrud cultivated the novel, the short narrative and the drama, through whose sorts Hans Aanrud described, with patetismo in which is not ...

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