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Peggy Lee


After getting her big break as a singer with Benny Goodman's band, Peggy Lee went on to a career that mixed jazz and pop singing ...

Vanessa Paradis


Vanessa Paradis is one of the most beautiful French actresses. Vanessa Paradis was discovered on the TV show L'École des fans in 1980. Vanessa Paradis recorded ...

Rene Russo


Born in 1954, Rene Russo grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Burbank, a Los Angeles suburb. Her father, a sculptor and ...

Teri Garr


Teri Garr can claim a career in show business by birthright. Teri Garr was the daughter of Eddie Garr, a Broadway stage and film actor, ...

Laura Dern


The first success for the young Dern came in 1980, with a role in Adrian Lyne's Foxes (1980), a teen movie starring Jodie Foster. Laura ...

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James_McGill_Jr_Buchanan James McGill Jr Buchanan
Biography of James McGill Jr Buchanan: US economist and political scientist Nobel Prize in Economics 1986 ...

Robert_Brown_Morison_Barton Robert Brown Morison Barton
Biography of Robert Brown Morison Barton: US game businessman president of Parker Brothers 1933-1958 son-in-law of George Parker ...

Janet_Elaine_Adkins Janet Elaine Adkins
Biography of Janet Elaine Adkins: 1935 - Adkins was born in September 10, 1935. 1990 - Died by committing suicide assisted by a doctor on June 4, 1990. ...

Grace_M_Brown Grace M Brown
Biography of Grace M Brown: 1886 - Grace M. Brown, born on the 20th of March. Grace M Brown was an American shirt factory worker whose murder became the basis for the fictional character Roberta Alden in the Theodore Dreiser novel, An American Tragedy.1906 - Grace M Brown met her secret lover Gillette in DeRuyter, ...

James_Jr_Byrd James Jr Byrd
Biography of James Jr Byrd: 1949 - Born on May 2nd in Jasper. American murder victim.1998 - Died on June 7th at the age of 49.         - James Byrd, Jr., was beaten unconscious, chained to the back of a pickup truck and dragged for miles over rural roads outside the town of Jasper.         ...

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