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Scarlett Johansson


Johansson was born in New York City. Her father, Karsten Johansson, is a Danish-born architect, and her paternal grandfather, Ejner Johansson, was a screenwriter and ...

Shirley Bassey


Throughout the 1960s, Bassey had numerous hits on the British charts. Her recording of "As Long As Shirley Bassey Needs Me" from Lionel Bart's Oliver! ...

Whitney Houston


In the 1980s, Houston was one the first black artists to receive regular rotation on MTV in the network's early years during a white male ...

Meat Loaf


In 1977, Meat Loaf and lyricist Jim Steinman released an operatic rock album called "Bat Out Of Hell", the record was huge and has sold ...

Vanessa Paradis


Vanessa Paradis is one of the most beautiful French actresses. Vanessa Paradis was discovered on the TV show L'École des fans in 1980. Vanessa Paradis recorded ...

Famous Vexillographer

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Catherine_of_Genoa Catherine of Genoa
Biography of Catherine of Genoa: Italian mystic and saint ...

Reubin_ODonovan_Askew Reubin ODonovan Askew
Biography of Reubin ODonovan Askew: US Democratic politician governor of Florida 1971-1979 US Trade Representative 1979-1981 ...

Fernao_Alvarez_do_Oriente Fernao Alvarez do Oriente
Biography of Fernao Alvarez do Oriente: Portuguese (Indian-born) poet ...

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